New World Order. Part A

Samuel O-Thomas
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Here I go again. No, no, don't be surprised that my post this time is not about youth football but it all concerns one burning issue distrupting the God given rights of the existence of our today's youths. All over the world we hear of the disparities between the rich and the poor, rightly so - but this noise is mostly echoed by the so-called governments of the world [I prefer to call them two-faced gluttonous mammals who feel the world is theirs alone] who would not address the root of the disparities yet they slip into their chauffered driven cars and quietly tip toe into their wealthy caves where they plan for the next raid on the coffers.

Democracy, or can i call it democrazy as the famous Legend-FELA once sang, has brought so much despair it has become a disease that has bitten into the bones of 3/4 of the world inhabitants. Ok, election approaches and this sweet talking, money grabbing, finger wailing person gets on a podium - dressed in accustomed masquerade attire- to accuse the other partner in crime of mismanagement & stealing (fearful of the coffers drying up before they can lay their own hands on the treasure chest) and trying as much as possible to show an impish concern for the suffering masses whilst the skeletons in his/her cupboard are busting to come to the open.

Please forgive my history knowledge (I hated that subject in school anyway) but what we are faced with today is the New World Order which is the cry from the youths - "Enough is Enough", history points to the fact that Africa (Nigeria in particular) was awashed with marketable resources apart from the dreaded 'OIL': Doctors, Muscians, Farmers, Teachers, reputable Universities and Great Footballers -to name a few- were all envies of the western world that became the targets for destructions through the tools of dismantle for the benefits of the western world .

Now let me explain with examples, We, in Nigeria & Africa, used to drill our own oil wells, farm our cocoa beans, provide electricty & water for our use through our dams (remember those days at school when you had water fountains in the school compounds) and not forgetting the well-equipped hospitals that catered for all people not just the priviledged few. The tools to dismantle the economies of Africa was put in place by encouraging the power & key holders to the coffers to embazzle as much as they can with a save Haven, waiting for their loots, in the shape of western luxury villas, cars and possible democrazic immunities where the master schemers are lying in wait to gabble all but you what, when there is a big debate in the save haven about embazzlement in Africa and when there is election around the corner with the winning ticket for whoever is anti corruption in Africa - which is what they think the voters want to hear- you hear foul cry from the master schemers (elequent perpetrators). Well if you think  the schemers are going to shy away from discussing the vote winning topic?, then you have to wait for next post to discover.





Thank you Kanu for your comment, I do certainly HOPE our leaders in Africa will have the gusts to repel the mordern day economic dictatorship & slavery for the benefits of the next generations. I wouldn't bet on that.
Posted by shollyboy on Oct 10 2012 @11:20
Correct analysis. Those who are aware of the intrigues of the West knows that almost all African "leaders" are puppets of the West.
They are not there for the interest of their citizens but for the western powers that seek to control all peoples and their resources. These greedy Western powers will go at any length to impose their puppet in order to better control the target country. The West are much successful in Africa because a lot of us Africans are stupid - we don't want to fight to ensure only the right leader leads not some idiots imposed on us. Our people would rather pray to a sky God to come down and save them. It's crass naivity
Posted by Kanu on Oct 08 2012 @18:12
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