Charming prince womanizer called an ideal partner

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For a couple of months spanning into years I lived all my days thinking, adoring, worshiping and loving my darling prince Akin. He was all you may desire in an ideal partner so I taught for so long. He was charming, caring and too nice in all ramifications.

The road of romance started off innocently, my charming prince walked up to me on a cool evening at a beach close to the island with smooth sayings, telling me how beautiful I was, how I surpass all daughters of eve in poetic manner, he told me all the things I long to hear from a guy. For a moment I stop momentarily and take a keen and close look at this prince who have been singing sweet and sensational melodies to my heart, surprisingly he did not disappoint with his look. He was young, lanky and so attractive-skinny that I felt some burning sensation in my heart and thighs.  I must mention that I havenít felt this way in the twenty eight years of my existence on the surface of the earth with a guy before- that is why I nicknamed Akin as my charming prince.

Based on  the preceding reasons, I decided to go out on a date with my prince. On our first date he was nothing short of perfect, he was tender, caring - he treats me like a queen, he compliments my sense of styles. My first date also reveal how rich Akin was. I was picked up by an expensive latest automobile  and if I said Akin was handsome when we first met, that would be an understatement: his look on this first date with me was gorgeous, he really look out of space with his great sense of dress which accentuate his look. He took me to one of the most expensive restaurant where I have a delicious meal of my life.

That started what I term inseparable two loves of queen and prince because Akin spoils me to a fault, he showered me with the most expensive gifts items-flowers, jewelries, shoes, clothing and shoes all imported. When he was on vacation he suggested for a trip to one of the European countries on holiday which I did not object. On getting to Europe we lodged in a five star hotel from where we visited other interesting places. One night I will not forget in our journey is when Akin took me through a candlelight night which ended up in a memorable and mind blowing love making.

On our return to Nigeria my love for Akin grow so much that I found him irresistible, dream and think of him at all time, I was really thinking of a blissful and lasting relationship with him, that will end up in marriage.

Turns of event happen when Akin invited me for end of year party organized by his oil firm. For the first time I see the other side of my suppose ideal partner drinking heavily and dancing in an erotic ways with multiple partners, at first I didnít see it as something serious




U are right mens re like that while sm re d most dangerous womanizer.who can hide there secret until d bring u home.i mean until u become there wife.but dear if u re with God u will be untouchable
Posted by daniel on Feb 20 2015 @19:33
Hi, A̶̲̥̅♏ n̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥w here
Posted by precious34 on Apr 30 2013 @20:47
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